Welcome to amazon protection ®, we are the Original Car protection system in Asia Pacific using the “Bubble” concept to provide protection, and have been protecting vehicles for over 11 years. We are passionate about protecting your car, luxury supe​r car, motorbike or project. amazon protection ® is committed to providing you with a quality product that provides protection, style, and peace of mind for all cars, bikes, trucks, SUVs and vans.

Our Product is air bubble cover brand Amazon Protection. Amazon protection air bubble cover established since Januari 2004 and our product designed to constantly flow filtered air over the bike/car, providing a dust free, solved moisture problem which varies with humidity and temperature of the atmosphere, condensation free environment that greatly decreases the chances of corrosion during storage. The bike/car stays clean, dry, and best of all, can be viewed even while it’s being storage, air bubble cover was patented S00 2013 00127 by our company in indonesia, who began manufacturing and retailing the indoor amazon protection along with other products such as the Bike-Pod ® designed specifically for motorcycles using the same technology. Over the next couple decades, the car and bike “domes” were perfected and updated to what is now known as the superior Vehicle Storage System on the market today in our region.

In this fast paced world, amazon protection ® is committed to providing our customers with excellent after sales service, communication and service as our number one priority. We want to make obtaining a amazon protection ® a worry and hassle free experience. We work very closely with our product manufacturer in order to achieve value and quality giving you a superior product that will meet our goals of protecting your car or bike.

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