The World's Best Weather Protection Model

The technological developments applied to our products hail from research and development as well as reliability analysis and qualitative maintenance. Our design activity joins the series of objectives useful to protect and maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle over time.

Air Circulation System And Breathable

Breathing air circulation systems and ventilation air systems include a filtration system that provides breathable air with appropriate pressurization and ventilation. Outside air from 116 CFM can be introduced, providing static pressure 18,1 mm H2O air into the indoor environment everyday, and also electricity low cost consumption with 10,8 Volt – 13,2 Volt. This allows for pressurization of the indoor environment.

Air Filtration System

An Air Filtration System is designed to improve the quality of the air in an environtment unit by removing dust, mold, pollen, smoke, and irritants leaving the air being cleaner. A fresh air breathing system includes a high-efficiency filtration system that delivers breathable air at high flow rates with safe, low pressure. An air purification system includes an activated carbon canister. Eliminating the entry of fine particulate whenever an filtration particulates over five microns.

Full Protection Your Vehicle From Rat, Pets, Insects

Next to being annoying, rat, cat, cockroach can also be quite dangerous. Protect your car engine section from rat rodent, chewing car wires and damaging other parts of the car engine, as we know rat rodent are pleasant hide your engine section because of feeling safe (nobody can touch that rat) and since rat feeling safe, they will do chewing wires engine section, and also cat sitting on the vehicle and also made your vehicle safe.

High Quality Material

Utilizing the finest breathable materials and remaining on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology with moderately priced.