Amazon protection is superior company and original storage system for vehicle, storage system method was patented IDS000001364 and also brand was registered IDM000441328 by company in Indonesia.  Amazon protection storage system  designed to constantly flow filtered air over the bike/car, providing low levels of dust, solved moisture problem which varies with humidity and temperature of the atmosphere, protect your vehicle from rodent damage, condensation free environment that greatly decreases the chances of corrosion during storage. The bike/car stays clean, dry, and best of all, can be viewed even while it’s being storage. The air bubble cover is inflated with DC brushless fan 12 Volt that provides a continuous flow of filter air, with CE, UL, ROHS and PE Marking. These units are  made from PVC plastic Germany 0,2 mm (indoor) and also AT 0,2 mm carbon texture with nylon zipper. For base material which is resistant to hot oil, and all other vehicle fluids.  

Amazon protection design cover is super soft, super stretchy indoor car covers are the ideal solution for those seeking a fitted car cover without the expense of our fully bespoke range. Lycra blended, premium jet fabric allows the cover to cling to the car whilst its subtle sheen gives an elegant finish. Tightly knitted fabric provides excellent protection from dust and other pollutants as well as remaining breathable to prevent any build-up of condensation forming on the car.


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