Amazon Protection is superior company and original storage system for vehicle since 2004, STORAGE SYSTEM METHOD was patented IDS000001364 and also BRAND was registered IDM000441328 by company in Indonesia.

Since 2004 Amazon Protection has manufactured premium quality exterior protection products for automotive enthusiasts, building a reputation for quality, and durability and design. We create car cover unique design and also ultimate car storage solution for your machine, be it a car or bike. Air flow system that have set some new standard in automobile and motorcycle care and which car capsule designed to contanly flow filtered air over the bike or car, providing dust free, free environment that greatly decreases the chance of corrosion as long as car or motorcycle being use amazon protection.

We designed specifically for motorcycles using the same technology. Over the next couple decades, the car and bike “domes” were perfected and updated to what is now known as the superior Vehicle Storage System on the market today in our region.

We also produce design cover that we use an ultimate premium velvet satin stretch indoor car cover provides superior protection for your vehicle from dirt, dust, nicks, bumps and scratches. Made with a satin fabric, the cover stretches in all directions and molds to the contours of your vehicle to highlight its design. The cover includes a unique fleece lining allowing for a soft enclosure all around.


Cares vehicle help owners feels safe, worn and fashionable to others.


Amazon Protection is imaginative automotive products aimed at offering high quality, high standards, utilizing the finest materials and remaining on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology with moderately priced. We view ourselves as with our partners, our customers, our employee, our community and our environment. We aim to become a internationally recognized brand name, and maintaining our sense of business.Our goals is moderate growth, and made enjoy partner long term relationships our valued business partners.



Sell good quality products at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings, and they will always come back for us.